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All the articles in the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library, currently over one hundred in number, are available at this site. Selecting an article title in any of the catalogues will take you to the COMPLETE TEXT of that article. HINT: If you already know which catalogue or reference list you want, use the above dropdown menu to go direct to that catalogue or list. Library Reference Lists cover a wide range of resources in addition to the onsite full text articles listed in the Catalogues. We ask NEW VISITORS to read these additional IMPORTANT NOTES before proceeding any further.
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For the Polio Survivor,
Friends and Family
For Medical Professionals Perspectives
Sections include PPS? terminology etc., Understand yourself, Advise yourself, Advise your Doctors, Advise your Surgeons, Advise your Physiotherapists, Advise your Occupational Therapists and Advise your Dental Practioners Sections include Polio and Post-Polio Primers, Population Surveys, Post-Polio Patient Management, PPS Fatigue, Polio and PPS Psychology and PPS Physiology A selection of articles that represent a range of perspectives on various 'Post-Polio' related issues. Titles include Let's Sleep With Our Nightmares and Follow Our Dreams, Post-Polio Sequelae And The Paradigms Of The 50's and Post-Polio Syndrome: Where Do We Go From Here?
Post-Polio related to other conditions Dr. Henry writes... Tom Walter's "Letter from California"
This catalogue currently covers Fibromyalgia and M.E. A companion section in our Resources Directory, Associated and/or Symptomatically Similar Conditions encompases a wider range of conditions. Henry Holland MD, is a polio survivor, a board certified psychiatrist, a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry in the School of Medicine of the Medical College of Virginia of Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA, has been President of the Central Virginia (Richmond) PPS Support Group for the past five years and has been re-elected for a 6th year. His PPS symptoms started in 1990; and he was recently forced by them to give up his practice. He writes about everything from antidepressant medications to the thyroid gland. Tom Walter is a Polio Survivor and is highly regarded and respected as a source of reliable information by the online post-polio community worldwide. Tom has written a number of articles on specific subjects and these are available in the main body of this Library. This occasional column will include articles of a less specific nature as implied by the column title but will still concentrate on post-polio issues.
  Polio Biology
 Eddie Bollenbach is a Polio Survivor and teaches Microbiology, Biology, and Chemistry at Northwestern Connecticut Community-Technical College. He is a long time and valued contributor to several post-polio mailing lists and is especially noted for his knowledge and skill at communicating the current scientific understanding of the biology and biochemistry of viruses and other scientific topics relating to polio and post-polio conditions. Eddie has kindly agreed to write an occasional column for the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library.
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Other Post-Polio Libraries on the Internet
In addition to expanding our own Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library, to assist in your search for information we are compiling a list of other Post-Polio libraries. These are sites that include a number of full text articles on Post-Polio related matters.
Other Post-Polio Articles on the Internet
This is a list of various Post-Polio articles to be found at other sites but which can't be described as Post-Polio Libraries. See also the Medical Professional Education directory which includes sites with articles specifically written for the Medical Profession, e.g. Case Studies, Nurse Training etc.
Book List
A descriptive list of books complete with contact and ordering information.
Support Group Newsletters
An increasing number of support groups around the world are making their newsletters available online.
Online Journals
This is a catalogue of online journals and other publications covering the fields of Medicine and Disability. The first section includes established journals that are typically cited in post-polio medical articles and that have at least some of their output available online although not necessarily articles specifically about Post-Polio. The second section lists journals that belong to a new generation of web specific publications, i.e. they are only available via the web.
Videotape List
A descriptive list of videotapes available from various organizations, complete with contact and ordering information.
Library Assistant
The purpose of the Library Assistant is to point you to a number of resources that will enable you to do your own research regarding what medical articles have been published primarily in peer reviewed medical journals but also elsewhere.


It is the intention of the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network to make all the information we collect available regardless of our views as to it's content. The inclusion of a document in this library should not therefore in any way be interpreted as an endorsement.

People who had polio and are experiencing new symptoms need to be assessed by medical professionals who are experienced in Post-Polio to determine what is wrong and to give correct advice. We can only make these documents available to you. YOU must then take what you believe to be relevant to the medical professional you are seeing. We are collecting and collating everything we can to enable medical professionals to make informed decisions. Other medical conditions must be looked for first, Post-Polio Syndrome is by diagnosis of exclusion.

Although a number of these documents are available elsewhere on the Internet we have decided where possible to keep complete versions of documents at this site. This will ensure that the majority of listed documents are always accessible.

Please be forewarned that some articles are quite long. We decided against splitting articles into a number of smaller pages as most of you will want to print them in their entirety. There are a few exceptions where we have included complete booklets and these have been split by chapter or section.

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