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Medical and Lifestyle Textbooks/Guides

Lauro S. Halstead, M.D. (editor) - Managing Post-Polio - A Guide to Living Well with Post-Polio Syndrome
Vicki McKenna BA. Lic Ac - A Balanced Way Of Living - Practical and Holistic Strategies for Coping with Post Polio Syndrome
Michael Creurer Changing Lanes... a guide to help when ageing, illness or disability forces us into the slow Lane
Leonard Kriegel FLYING SOLO - Reimagining Manhood, Courage, and Loss
Dorothea Nudelman & David Willingham, MSW Healing the Blues - Drug-Free Psychotherapy For Depression
Viola Pahl Gold In Life's Hourglass - Granny's Love/Hate Affair With A Computer
LaVonne Schoneman HOW TO COPE series
Medical History
Thomas M. Daniel and Frederick C. Robbins (editors) Polio
Online Book Stores
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Booklist Catalogue Overview

Some books are published privately and must be ordered direct from the author; otherwise, as an indication of availability we have checked three major US Online Bookstores for each title and provided links to the title listing where they exist. When hardback and paperback editions are listed we have included links for both (library binding editions may also be available). In some cases these 'availablity links' will be found in the "More Details" section of an individual title.

Unless you already have a preferred online bookstore we recommend that you check a reasonable cross section of stores as not only availability varies but also pricing and delivery cost/time. Some titles may also be published under separate imprints in different countries so if you live in the UK for example, it may be quicker to order the UK version from a UK bookstore although it may not necessarily be cheaper. For an extended list of Online Bookstores see our Book Store List.

The Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network has a limited supply of certain titles where indicated.

Dr. Henry Holland has also written an article entitled Dr. Henry writes about Polio Literature which includes a list of 56 polio and post-polio related book titles with individual title links to a selection of major online bookstores.

Medical and Lifestyle Textbooks/Guides

Lauro S. Halstead, M.D.

Managing Post-Polio A Guide to Living Well with Post-Polio Syndrome
More Details...Edited by Lauro S. Halstead, M.D.
Published NRH Press
256pp, 6 x 9 - Paperback (Hardback edition also available)
Acid Free Paper - Index - $11.95 (see Ordering Information for more detailed pricing)

"An all new guide to living with post-polio from NRH Press edited by Lauro S. Halstead, M.D., internationally renowned post-polio expert and polio survivor, Managing Post-Polio provides polio survivors, family members, support group members, and health care professionals with a long-needed tool to assist individuals with post-polio syndrome to live healthier, fuller lives.

This easy-to-read, consumer-orientated guide is designed to help with day-to-day living with this often misdiagnosed and debilitating condition. Managing Post-Polio deals directly and openly with the issues that confront polio survivors as this condition develops, and provides assistance and support for the ongoing mangement of their problems."

None of the authors or contributors will profit financially from sales of the book, profits are being set aside for use in the PPS Clinic at the NRH, headed up by Dr. Halstead.

For further information including the complete text of the Introduction from the book see Introduction, Topics Overview, Contributing Authors, Ordering etc.

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Vicki McKenna BA. Lic Ac

A Balanced Way Of Living Practical and Holistic Strategies for Coping with Post Polio Syndrome
More Details... Post Polio Syndrome encompasses a range of symptoms experienced by the polio-survivor. These include chronic fatigue, pain in muscles and joints, weakness,and problems with concentration and memory. Vicki McKenna is an acupuncturist and polio survivor with many years experience of working with Chronic Fatigue Syndromes such as ME and PPS. This book explores current research into PPS and, drawing on the tradition of Chinese Medicine, includes practical and holistic strategies for coping with the symptoms. It covers the following: Select More Details... for ordering information plus the complete text of Chapter 7, "CONSERVING ENERGY".

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Although these books are written from an autobiographical viewpoint they also set out to assist those readers that find themselves in similar circumstances to those faced and overcome by the authors.

Michael Creurer

Changing Lanes... a guide to help when ageing, illness or disability forces us into the slow Lane
Written by a polio survivor experiencing post polio syndrome, Michael Creurer relates personal stories combined with psycho-educational concepts which people can use in their own lives. Changing Lanes addresses such topics as: Grieving Our Losses - grieving is not a reaction reserved for the death of someone close to us, grieving is a process we go through for any type of loss (four tasks of grieving are explored); An illness within an illness - there are significant risks of experiencing episodes of depression as we age, become ill or disabled (the signs to watch for are listed); Choosing the Way We Feel - yes we can control our moods (concepts and examples are given); Alone...but not lonely (suggestions to overcome loneliness) Creating a new life - choosing to re-create our lives (appreciating life in the slow lane). These and more topics are addressed in this booklet.

To order your copy from the author, send cheque or money order to:
SFC inc.
Postal box 5664
Victoria, B.C. Canada V8R 1B3
Price $12.95 + $3.00 postage = $15.95 Total.
A condensed version is available for $6.50 + $1.50 postage = $8 Total.
Canadian or US funds acceptable.

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Leonard Kriegel

FLYING SOLO - Reimagining Manhood, Courage, and Loss
Published by Beacon Press, January 1, 1998
Hardcover, 200 + pages, ISBN: 0807072303

According to the November, 1997, issue of MAINSTREAM magazine, in the introduction to his new memoir author, teacher and polio survivor Leonard Kriegel recalls his days in "The Home," where he was submerged daily in hot water for therapy.
For an 11-year-old these were distressing times. And the biggest question? "Will I ever be a man among men?"
The Los Angeles Times newspaper published a review written by their book critic, Richard Eder (another polio survivor), on Wednesday, January 14, 1998, (Page E3).

Eder says Kriegel,

". . . was stricken with polio as a boy in 1944, released from the hospital when two years of hot-water immersions and exercise failed to restore the use of his legs, and was confined first to a wheelchair, then for decades to braces and crutches, and now, aging, to a wheelchair once again."

Kriegel writes in the book,

"To feel such anger was to dream of justice for oneself, to be accountable for the future one had to live, even as a cripple. To be a cripple did not mean that one was relieved of the obligation to be a man."

Kriegel uses the word "crippled" rather than the more politically correct terms in vogue these days. And reviewer Eder agrees that the new "correct" descriptions like "handicapped," "disabled" or "differently abled" belittle our condition and the strength of the English language.

Submitted by Tom Walter
17th January 1998

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Dorothea Nudelman & David Willingham, MSW

More Details...Written in two personal voices, patient and therapist, this is the gripping story about the depression of a brave woman who faced her own despair and transformed it into a creative renewal of her life.
HEALING THE BLUES is also a guidebook to a drug-free approach to healing depression. Depression robs us of the enjoyment of life. Increasingly, drugs are seen as a quick solution. This book suggests an alternative approach: "Listening to the depression" for what it is telling us about our life. What's not working? What needs to be understood and changed?

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Viola Pahl

For additional titles see Viola's web site.

More Details...GOLD IN LIFE'S HOURGLASS is an autobiography by Viola Pahl. In 1948 she contracted polio and was placed in an iron lung. Complicating matters was the fact that she was in her seventh month of pregnancy. However, she was out of the iron lung before the birth of a fine son. Months of hospitalization still awaited her, and the recovery made has enabled her to be mobile with crutches and wheelchair. The book contains interesting history of the inner city of Vancouver in the 1920s, where the author was raised.

More Details...GRANNY'S LOVE/HATE AFFAIR WITH A COMPUTER is an extremely humorous book about Viola Pahl's struggles to learn how to use a computer in her senior years. Handicapped with polio since 1948, Viola finds a computer a wonderful outlet of activity. Each chapter deals with a function pertaining to the computer, and then introduces relevant true stories on the function's theme.

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LaVonne Schoneman

HOW TO COPE series
More Details...A series of books on coping with polio and disability from a layperson's point of view. Originally wrote LaVONNE'S COPING COLUMN for POLIO SURVIVORS NEWSLETTER OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST for 5 years (newsletter went out of print 3 years ago). The columns, plus new ones, are in the four books in the HOW TO COPE series.

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Medical History

Thomas M. Daniel and Frederick C. Robbins (editors)

edited by Thomas M. Daniel and Frederick C. Robbins
Published by University of Rochester Press
Tells the story of Polio in a series of essays.

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Although you will find links to the Amazon Bookstore in many of the book references elsewhere on this site, this should not be interpreted as a recomendation to buy from Amazon. Nor do we have any financial arrangement with Amazon or any other online bookstore. This section offers a number of alternative sources and most of them include search facilities. We will periodically check these sites to record the number of books on offer in the Polio category. Most stores accept international orders. Prices, title availability, delivery costs and the time it takes for your order to reach may vary between online bookstores.

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Remember that books are published at a national level and the same title can appear under different publishers imprints in different countries. A US bookstore although it delivers internationally may only stock titles published in the US. Equally a UK bookstore may only stock UK titles.

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The Book Pl@ce UK International "Polio" 28 6th February 2001 Includes BMJ Bookstore
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4th April 1999
Borders USA International "Polio" 43 6th February 2001

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It is the intention of the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network to make all the information we collect available regardless of our views as to it's content. The listing of a book or periodical in this library should not therefore in any way be interpreted as an endorsement.

People who had polio and are experiencing new symptoms need to be assessed by medical professionals who are experienced in Post-Polio to determine what is wrong and to give correct advice. We can only make this information available to you. YOU must then take what you believe to be relevant to the medical professional you are seeing. We are collecting and collating everything we can to enable medical professionals to make informed decisions. Other medical conditions must be looked for first, Post-Polio Syndrome is by diagnosis of exclusion.

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