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Tom Walter's "Letter from California"

Tom Walter is a Polio Survivor. Up until a few years ago, 30 years or so on from recovering from Polio, he walked unaided with only a slight limp, working and living a normal life. He didn't even know any other people with Polio. He now has difficulty swallowing and breathing and spends most of his days in a wheelchair or propped up in bed. With his laptop computer he collects and dispenses advice and information on post-polio syndrome. Tom, or TominCal as he is known by his email name, is highly regarded and respected as a source of reliable information by the online post-polio community worldwide. In 1997 he was interviewed by Susan Kelleher of the Orange County Register for an article "Polio strikes back".

Tom has written a number of articles on specific subjects and these are available and listed in a separate library catalogue. Tom's Letter from California occasional column will include articles of a less specific nature as implied by the column title but will still concentrate on post-polio issues.

The article "Polio strikes back" is no longer freely available at the Orange County Register site. It can be located via their archive section (using search keywords "polio" and "strikes") but access to the complete text requires a small payment.


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Title: COMING BACK FROM HELL or Something Worse than PPS?
[ Full Text Here ] The past six months or so I've not been able to keep up with answering correspondence, E-mails and telephone calls; visiting friends and relatives; sending out appropriate greeting cards on a timely basis; putting together pages for the local support group newsletter; or just about anything else I've been doing during the past couple years of disability from Post Polio Syndrome.

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It is the intention of the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network to make all the information we collect available regardless of our views as to it's content. The inclusion of a document in this library should not therefore be in any way interpreted as an endorsement.

People who had polio and are experiencing new symptoms need to be assessed by medical professionals who are experienced in Post-Polio to determine what is wrong and to give correct advice. We can only make these documents available to you. YOU must then take what you believe to be relevant to the medical professional you are seeing. We are collecting and collating everything we can to enable medical professionals to make informed decisions. Other medical conditions must be looked for first, Post-Polio Syndrome is by diagnosis of exclusion.

Whether you are a Polio Survivor, a friend or relation of a Polio Survivor, or a Medical Professional, we would advise you use this catalogue only to assist in determining your reading priorities. Every article in this library is likely to contain information of interest to both Polio Survivors and Medical Professionals.

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