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Other Post-Polio Libraries on the Internet


These are sites that include a number of full text articles on Post-Polio related matters. They are also to be found in our directory but in this list we endevour to give each sites own 'catalogue'. Many of the articles can also be found in our own Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library.


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Tom Dempsey's Polio and Post-Polio Information Packet
Tom Dempsey's Polio Survivors' Page site was withdrawn from service some years ago. The above link will take you to a full catalogue on this site of the articles that were located at the Polio Survivors' Page site. Fortunately, some of those articles are available in the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library and the catalogue includes links to those articles.

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Rollin' Rat
! Site permanently withdrawn from service!
Richard Spear's voluminous library includes

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The Harvest Center Library
Articles by Drs. Richard Bruno and Nancy Frick. A large selection of their many advisory and research papers on PPS can be found in our own library (see our library catalogue entry for Harvest for links to our Bruno, Frick and Kessler catalogues).
Note. The original versions at the Harvest Library are in the most in simple text format, i.e. they can be difficult to read when displayed. The versions in the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library have all been converted into web documents (HTML) and some also have diagrams from the original published articles. We therefore recommend that you read our versions. The majority of the later additions to the Harvest Library (see below) have been formatted as web documents and therefore do not present the problem previously mentioned.

The following is a list additional articles located at the Harvest Center Site:

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Saskatchewan Awareness of Post Polio
Includes articles

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It is the intention of the Lincolnshire Post-Polio Network to make all the information we collect available regardless of our views as to it's content. The listing of a article from another site should not therefore in any way be interpreted as an endorsement. Nor can we guarantee accessability of other sites.

People who had polio and are experiencing new symptoms need to be assessed by medical professionals who are experienced in Post-Polio to determine what is wrong and to give correct advice. We can only make this information available to you. YOU must then take what you believe to be relevant to the medical professional you are seeing. We are collecting and collating everything we can to enable medical professionals to make informed decisions. Other medical conditions must be looked for first, Post-Polio Syndrome is by diagnosis of exclusion.

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