My Polio Life

A self-assessment tool to assist you with collating information on your life as a polio survivor.

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A guide for Polio Survivors on ‘What You Should Know About Your Medications’ and ‘You Are Going to Have Surgery’

The following publications are authored by Polio Survivors Network or reproduced with permission:

If you had Polio Leaflet 

Medic Alert Card Printable on Avery C32011 (REPRODUCED WITH PERMISSION)

PPS – Article written by Doctors for Doctors. Author Dr. Colin Tidy.

POLIO SURVIVORS AS PATIENTS – Guide for Emergency Care & Surgical Health Workers
Joan M Walker Ph.D., PT., C McGowan & G Vardy
School of Physiotherapy, 4th Floor, Forest Building,
Dalhousie University, 5869 University Avenue
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, B3H 3JS

POLIO PATIENTS AND SURGERY Information for health staff.
© PTU The Danish Society of Polio and Traffic Victims
Lisa Kay, MD, Surgeon. Direct +45 3673 9000 Email:-
Fjeldhammervej 8, 2610 Rødouvre.