Current members who have standing orders set up can either cancel them or continue them as a donation towards our work.


You can join online or print off the Membership form complete it and return it Polio Survivors Network, PO Box 954. Lincoln, LN5 5ER.

UK Members can receive information and newsletters by Post or by Email linked to a  PDF or both.
Donations towards the cost of printing and posting will always be gratefully received.

Overseas Members will receive information and newsletters by Email and linked to a PDF.

What we provide for our Members

 1 – Medical articles – all searchable.

a)  An A to Z content list for Health Professionals and Polio Survivors searching for more information.

 b) A shorter suggested list of articles for Polio Survivors, their Family and Friends.

 c) The Lincolnshire Post-Polio Library which was started by one of our Life Members Chris Salter, Original Think-tank, Cornwall, United Kingdom. This contains both health professional medical articles and others written by Polio Survivors for Polio Survivors, e.g. Dr. Henry writes and Polio Biology. Permission to add many of the articles was obtained from the authors at Post Polio Conferences up to 2008. This Library has not had any articles added to it since January 2010  due to not being able to attend many overseas PPS Conferences and the better availability of articles to the general public.

 2 – Our 20 page Quarterly Newsletter called POST POLIO MATTERS.

 a) Our Christmas issue will be Volume 9, Issue 8 of 12 which will be our 104th

 b) Volumes 1 to 6 were called LincPIN.

 c) Many issues are available online and the missing ones will be added shortly.

 3 – A wallet sized laminated Medic Alert card. This can also be downloaded from our Website. Similar cards are available from other Post Polio Organisations.

 4 – My Polio Life – a self assessment  tool to help you collate information to prepare for medical appointments. There is a second file with some sample answers.

 5 – What you Need to Know About my Condition.

 a) This was formulated by the Neurological Alliance.

 b) The PPS version which is a basic four page form that you can complete online adding as much information as you wish or print off the paper copy where there will be set spaces for information. This is being updated and will be available again shortly.

 6 – Our Leaflets are being rewritten and updated and there will be one for Polio Survivors and another for Medical Professionals.

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